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Virtual Staging of Matterport Tours
EXAMPLE: Matterport Tour of an empty condo virtually staged by Listing3D

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With Listing3D Virtual Staging Club,
creating and advertising virtually staged Matterport tours is easy. MSPs now have a turnkey solution for providing personalized virtual staging for their customers.

Streamline your business by offering Matterport virtual staging as a high-margin Add-On service and let Listing3D’s expert design team take care of the rest.
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Listing3D + Matterport

Through our new collaboration with Matterport, Listing3D is now one of the only companies in the world that can virtually stage Matterport 3D tours and furnish them utilizing our 3D home décor library. Leverage our expert design team to take the hassle and stress out of the virtual staging process.

Virtual Staging Club Memberships for MSPs Include:
Set Your Own Pricing with Customers – Listing3D uses fixed pricing, so you can sell your services for more and keep the profit
Your choice of:
FREE Virtually Staged Matterport Tour examples for your website
Virtual Staging Services
3D Staging
$50 Per Pano
2D Staging
$40 Per Photo
3D Staging
$75 Per Pano
2D Staging
$60 Per Photo
Remodeling | Construction
3D Staging
$100 Per Pano
2D Staging
$80 Per Photo
New Developments | Pre-Construction
3D Staging
$150 Per Pano
2D Staging
$125 Per Photo
Additional Benefits of Club Membership for MSPs:
Virtual Staging of Matterport spaces is easy to offer as an Add-On via Listing3D
Listing3D provides free marketing tools to MSPs to minimize your time spent selling
Virtual Staging by Listing3D is a high-margin Add-On for your business
You can place the order OR have your clients place the order via your White-Labeled Listing3D Website
Option to virtually stage only some rooms within a Matterport tour
Listing3D’s design team are experts at virtual staging, minimizing your time spent on projects
Dedicated support from the Listing3D team
Examples of Listing3D Virtual Staging Styles

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